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When I was a child, I used to go to Sunday School with three Bibles under my arm.  The King James, The Revised Standard, and Good News For Modern Man.  I would look up verses from the lessons and compare them in all three translations to try and understand them better. 

Many years later I learned that, in jest, the adults in my family had nicknamed me "The Little Pastor."

As my father lay dying in late 2006, I realized I have long been an atheist, yet I needed to make moral decisions about the rest of his life and his impending death.

How do you live a moral life and make moral decisions in the absence of a religion or diety that gives you guidance?  Do you turn with wobbling knees and faltering heart back to a G_d whom you deny?  Or do you forge ahead, following your own instincts and judgement?  Or, are there yet other choices?

As we science-educated, materialistic Baby Boomers enter our second half century, those and similar questions loom large for some of us. 

This website is my contribution to the discussion.